Hannah Nelson is a painter in rural Norfolk working predominantly in oils on canvas.

"I'm inspired by the natural world, particularly forms that express immense power and force such as weather systems, the deep oceans, celestial bodies and nebulae. I love the idea of the unexplored and inaccessible spaces. I find it fascinating to try to comprehend our place in this universe in relation to these vast scales of existence."

You can stay up to date with what Hannah is working on via her Instagram page- 



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Past News-
News Dec 2017
I've got a good bunch of my work in an exhibition at the box office entrance hall of Open in Norwich at the moment, and half the profit of anything that sells goes to the Open charity! Its a great venue with lots going on from youth groups to vegan fairs.

NEWS June 2015
Over the past 4 months I've painted 3 GoGoDragons (Dreamland, Scorcher, and Eye Spy Cecil), which will hit the streets of Norwich along with over 80 beautiful others by the 22nd of June! I'm super impressed with the Break charity team for all their hard work in organising this project, and all the artists work too, everyone's done an amazing job! And a big thank you to the Castle Mall, Clapham and Collinge and Cecil Amey for choosing my designs. For more info visit the GoGoDragons website: http://gogodragons.co.uk/ or their facebook page: 
Also I've been painting a mural at Hilltop Outdoor Centre near Sheringham, making one of their dormitory corridors look like a forest. Its a fantastic place for kids to do outdoor activities like ziplining, assault courses, high ropes, and the Air Jump! http://www.hilltopoutdoorcentre.co.uk/hilltop-air-jump-north-norfolk



NEWS Nov 2014
I went to London last week and caught the Egon Schiele exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery which was stunning and very striking: 
http://www.courtauld.ac.uk/gallery/exhibitions/2014/Schiele/index.shtml and also Wangechi Mutu's show of her beautiful haunting collages at the Victoria Miro: http://www.victoria-miro.com/artists/9-Wangechi-Mutu/ 
I'd booked a ticket to see Graham Hancocks talk 'Psychedelic and Civilisation'  at Alternatives, St James Church, Piccadilly, and managed turned up slightly late! His message is amazing and inspiring. Here is a youtube video of him:


NEWS Sept 2014
I've got 6 paintings along side the work of Colin Devine (
http://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/336864) in the City Frames gallery on Hall Road in Norwich at the moment until the end of September. The paintings are 'Mind Made', 'Abyss', 'Growing', Spreading', Untitled (insect mandala) and 'Dream 1'. Here's City Frames website- http://cityframesnorwich.com/

NEWS August 2014
Confirmed dates of 3 month Norfolk & Norwich Hospital exhibition- 28th August !

NEWS Sept 2014
I've been so lucky to be a part of the carnival at Bestival on the Isle of Wight this year! We paraded around with Amber Donovan's awesome sea dragon puppet along with a massive team of such talented people and their wonderful creations. Iridescent fabrics, wings, animals, masks and bright colours everywhere- magical stuff! Here's Amber's site http://www.dancingseagulls.com/
and the Bestival carnival page http://2014.bestival.net/line-up/artists/bestivals-desert-island-disco-carnival-parade

NEWS July 2014
Had a wonderful time at Glastonbury festival with my team of fabulous people- The Cosmic Egg- in the Kidz Field. We ran a kids workshop called the Dream Dragon, where children would write, draw and paint their dreams onto a paper plate scale to fix to the body of Doreen the dream dragon. On the last day of the festival we paraded it round the field to the sound of live drumming! At full stretch she was about 7 metres long!

NEWS 20th June 2014
I had 500 flyers printed to advertise my website, here's what they look like- I'm working towards having a number of my paintings available as posters in various sizes later in the year. Hopefully in September to coincide with my exhibit at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital which will be up for three months from the end of August. Specific date yet to be confirmed.

NEWS 15th June 2014
Preparing to go to Glastonbury festival next week with a team of artists and puppeteers to do a workshop in the kids field called Dream Dragon, where children can make spinning paintings and write or paint images of there dreams to layer as scales on a giant dragon that will parade around the festival grounds on the last day! I've also just finished a portrait commission. See the Portrait & Figure section to check that out.

NEWS 20th March 2014
I've got one of my hand decorated guitars ('Wings') in the window of no. 37 Elm Hill, Norwich for the next 6 weeks with the beautiful colourful paintings of Bex Cross beside it. Its a lovely old street, and there were a group of people dressed in Tudor clothes when we were there! Maybe there's gap in the fabric of space there and we traveled back in time...

NEWS Feb 2014
'Heartland' has already sold in the charity exhibition at Franks Bar! 

NEWS Jan 2014
I'm showing 3 paintings from a few years ago ('Spreading, Growing and Heartland') in Franks Bar on Bedford Street, Norwich, along with the work of some super duper artists' in a charity exhibition from the 4th-16th of Feb 2014. The bar is open Tuesday – Thursday 10.00am – Midnight, Sunday 10.00am – 10.30pm, closed on Mondays. For a bit more information, see the exhibition's Facebook event page 
Its been organised by Bex Cross, who works for charity and is studying to be an art therapist. Go have yourself a cosy cuppa or nice meal at Franks and check out the art on the walls!

NEWS Nov 2013
I have been asked to exhibit at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital sometime in 2014 (date to be confirmed), and am making a new series of paintings over the next 3-6 months. Watch the paintings grow in the 'Work In Progress' section of this site!

NEWS Oct 2013
Here's a Mustard TV report on Catch Me While You Can going to the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital 


NEWS Oct 2013
Good news everyone! As you may have heard, the GoGoGorillas collectively raised a total amount of 
£272,300! Mr Betts, who bought 'Catch Me While You Can', has donated the gorilla to the children's department at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. Read more about it on the Evening News website

NEWS August 2013
Break charity are doing a Duck race along the River Wensum in Norwich on the 26th August at 3pm at the Ribs of Beef pub on Wensum Street. Catch the flock of painted ducks, including my two- Chief Duck and Ballerina (sponsored by 99.9 Radio Norwich), as they make their way along the river in an attempt to claim victory! See more photos, competitions and updates on the Break Facebook page 

NEWS July 2013
Post photos of yourself and your friends with 'Catch Me While You Can' gorilla onto Gasways facebook page for your cahnce to win one of 20 mini replica gorillas!   


NEWS May 2013
I was asked to do a 2nd GoGoGorilla, this time being sponsored by the Acteon group! This design is reference to GM crop companies clearing the rainforest, particularly in South America, and spraying chemicals.

NEWS May 2013
The lantern fly GoGoGorilla is finished and has joined at least 40 others of its own kind in a storage area at last! They all look amazing. Professional photography is being taken today and Break charity can start planning where each gorilla will be placed around Norwich. I'm definitely looking forward to doing the trail!


NEWS March 2013
Big thanks to Gasway for choosing my design for their GoGoGorilla they're sponsoring in Norwich! See 'Work In Progress' page of my website to see photos of my progress. The life-size gorilla sculptures (over 50 of them!) will be placed all over the city for 10 weeks from the 21st of June 2013 until early September. Check out the article-   


NEWS July 2012
I am now back in Norfolk, England, after 7 months of adventure in the USA. I hope that everything I have seen and experienced will inform and enrich my painting. I've seen lush tropical foliage, tall emerald green Avatar valleys, cathedral mountain peaks, giant coastal Redwood trees, wild Elk, Sitka spruce trees draped in capes of dripping mosses like wise old wizards robes, bright blue skies, parched dry desert, bustling cities, met extremely inspiring people and stayed on a Native American reservation!

NEWS May 2012
I flew off of Kauai and am currently staying in California. The land of sun! 

NEWS 2011
I moved to the island of Kauai, Hawaii in November of 2011! 
See the Public Arts section of this site for a recent mosaic project on the north shore of Kauai. Also check the Paint/Draw section for drawings and paintings over the next few months. This island has such an array of lush plant life, most species of which are completely new to me- new shapes, new forms, new colours, new inspiration! 
I would like to thank Jason, Bill, and Lucinda Robertson from the Ahonui Botanical Gardens for letting me spend time in their beautiful gardens studying their plants. Please take a look at their website:

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