Hannah Nelson is a painter in the East of the UK, working predominantly in oils on canvas and wood panel.

"I'm inspired by the natural world, particularly forms that express immense power and force such as weather systems, the deep oceans, celestial bodies and nebulae. I find it fascinating to try to comprehend our place in this universe in relation to these vast scales of existence. But equally fascinating are the micro worlds of the insects and cells, and the idea of what is humanly inaccessible. Through my paintings I explore these themes."

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Recent Activity

-GoGoDiscover 2022, Norwich
-'Euphoria' exhibition at The Gallery, Holt, Norfolk 23rd April-31st May 2022
-'Earth and Light' exhibition with AmberlightsUK at Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich, November 2021
-Featured as 'Painting of The Month' in Spirit Of Place, a website curated by Catherine Mason showcasing art that celebrates the North Norfolk landscape. 
-Cows About Cambridge 2021 (Most visited cow sculpture!)
-GoGoDiscover Norwich 2021
-Rocket Round Leicester 2021
​-GoGoHares Norfolk 2018
'Oh Not Another Art Show' group exhibition in The Undercroft, Norwich 2016
Pigs Gone Wild, Ipswich 2016